whAt Do you sAy 歌词

歌词大意 What do you say, when you just know 你有话要对我说吗?当你知道 That he's the one, and you wanna go fast 他就是你想找的另一半,然后你想跟他发展 But he's taking it slow 但他却还没反应过来 And

What Do You Say?《What Do You Say?》是Emma Borders&The Borders Band演唱的歌曲,收录于专辑《Born to Fly》中。专辑简介 专辑《Born to Fly》是2020年1月31日发布的专辑,共收录6首歌曲。《What Do You Say?》也收录其中。

《Hey What Do You Say》是Kenny Wayne Shepherd演唱的歌曲,收录于专辑《Hey, What Do You Say (DMD Single)》。歌曲歌词 If I could put myself at ease for a while Maybe I could learn to appreciate your smile I got

歌曲: What You Say, What You Do歌手: Digger And The Pussycats语言: 英语所属专辑: Let's Go To Hospital发行日期: 2008-01-01V百科往期回顾 词条统计 浏览次数:次 编辑次数:1次历史版本 最近更新: 只是习惯z7 突出

《Hey, What Do You Say》是Kenny Wayne Shepherd演唱的歌曲,收录于专辑《The Place You're In》。专辑信息 《The Place You're In》是Kenny Wayne Shepherd于2004年10月5日发行的音乐专辑,共收录11首歌曲,由歌手Kenny Wayne

歌曲歌词 编辑 英文 What do you mean? OohWhen you nod your head yesBut you wanna say noWhat do you mean? HeyWhen you don't want me to moveBut you tell me to goWhat do you mean?Oh, what do you mean?Said

Do What You Want - 张敬轩 词:陈咏谦 曲:Hins Cheung,YANG,编曲:YANG 歌曲歌词 缺氧了 喉咙割破了 无人聆听我了 我想缩小 断气了 皮层变色了 灵魂才对我说 有高潮 Wanna scream I have my own thoughts thoughts They

《Watch What You Say》是Chaka Khan、Guru、Branford Marsalis演唱的歌曲,收录于《The Best Of Guru Is Jazzmatazz》专辑中。 歌曲歌词 Coming with the realness lyrics of life Some people need to watch what they say Watch


What Do You Say
What Do You Say?
Hey What Do You Say
What You Say, What You Do
Hey, What Do You Say
What Do You Mean?
Do What You Want(张敬轩演唱歌曲)
Watch What You Say