Apply on

1. 用粉末、油类涂[在皮肤上] [apply on;put on]。如:搽雪花膏;在伤口上搽一层抗菌剂;搽药 常用词组 搽粉 cháfěn [powder] 涂上化妆粉 引证解释 敷粉于脸。引申为粉饰美化。 陈登科 《风雷》第一部第四七章:“你这是朝

How to Use: Use twice a day, morning and night, after using the appropriate Scruffing Lotion. Apply on clean, exfoliated skin (dry areas only).Relieves skin dryness, soothes, provides moisture. Helps ease shaving

52.Y. Cheng, Z.T. Song, Y.F. Gu, S.N. Song, F. Rao, L.C. Wu, B. Liu and S.L Feng, Influence of silicon on the thermally induced crystallization process of Si-Sb4Te phase change materials. Apply

Usage: After cleansing and toning, apply proper amount evenly to the face in the palm and gently massage until absorbed.Product Benefits Enhance the multi-enzyme compact cream olive oil Depth nourishment, effectively delay